Matthew Pitaro
NH State Rep
Merrimack District 11

NH State Primary Election: September 13th, 2022.
NH General Election: November 8th, 2022.

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Social Media

September 17th, 2018.

Way to go society. I’m sitting here constantly coming up with creative ways to express myself on social media but every time I put my thoughts to text I stop and backspace and share nothing. Setting aside for a moment my very opinionated nature, these days I feel deeply self conscious about even the most innocuous thoughts I might want to share online. But no. Don’t ever post anything. Society has created a damned world where you will be unfairly judged, then persecuted by countless large, non-jury mobs of faceless strangers. Academia, though well intentioned, has for decades advocated “critical thinking” as a path to knowledge and as a result has perpetrated an inaccurate narrative of always arguing the opposite of actual events or circumstances. Imagine entire generations of college graduates unwittingly believing that invoking the fact that Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner or that George Washington’s last words were of his mistress, are irrefutable proof of how “all things aren’t the way they seem” and therefore everything must be questioned. This abandonment of established historical consensus and understanding while falsely reaffirming ones own conceited intellect has achieved nothing more than the rapid reverse of progress, a regression into a lesser, lamer form of cultural thinking where finger-pointing and gossip are now absolute. Once again... way to go society. These shrewd exercises in lawlessness must stop. If history teaches us anything it certainly teaches us to be better than this; and to be better to each other.

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